Stay in No Realms: Seeking and Essaying

Award-winning memoirist and teacher Christopher Martin will envision creative nonfiction as a pilgrimage by which writers can reckon their own lives and experiences as art. Alongside readers, he’ll consider the inherent challenges of the creative nonfiction path, ever mindful of the greater aims and the real work of this often misunderstood form, aims and work that include fostering empathy, learning who we are, and enriching our shared humanity.

Let People See: A Poetry Playlist I would like to suggest that poetry can function as a playlist to inspire, inform, and ultimately sustain any mode of…
Art as Origin
A Writing Prompt Response
On Presence and Change
stay together / learn the flowers –Gary Snyder, Turtle Island Fall is my favorite season. At its peak, something about the atmosphere makes me feel…
In the far corner of my backyard, beneath the eaves of a mossy-roofed shed in need of new shingles, bald-faced hornets have built a nest. My son pointed…
The most recent installment of GWA’s Writing Prompt Wednesday was by all appearances simple: Write about your writing agenda. I scrolled past when I…
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